Digital specialists

User research

MilUX provides high quality user research services as part of insight-led design.

By working with you to focus on the users and their outcomes we are able to deliver the necessary understanding and insight, and translate this into an actionable delivery plan for the future to give you confidence to move into development knowing your solution is solving the right problems. 

Typical deliverables from our research services include:

  • User research plans and reports
  • Personas
  • Service Blueprints
  • User journey maps
  • User story maps

Agile delivery management

MilUX provides Expert level* Delivery Management to support your product or service teams in the adoption of Agile and Lean practices, commercial and financial management, delivery planning and improving team dynamics and collaboration.  

*as defined by the Digital, Data and Technology Profession Capability Framework

Expert military support

Having a military expert supporting digital teams in the defence domain is invaluable. Military users speak their own language and often understate the problems that they face. By pairing ex military and serving reservists with User Researchers and Business Analysts we have found that the quality and speed of research and analysis is significantly improved. User Researchers can flow uninterrupted through research sessions safe in the knowledge that the military expert is capturing the TLAs and special terms that are unfamiliar to their civilian counterpart.   

Digital specialist talent consultancy

MilUX can provide skilled professionals, specifically selected with the appropriate security clearances and defence experience to support digital teams. We use the Digital, Data and Technology Profession Capability Framework as the reference for the digital skills offered. We have worked with our associates previously or they have been recommended to us by a trusted partner. All associates follow our approach and share our values.

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