About us

Our history

Matt Odell founded MilUX in 2019 having served 16 years as an officer in the British Army.  

Matt became frustrated working on major programmes where the projects were not delivering what the user needed as the requirements were written without the users input, or written far too long before the delivery of the item, so at delivery the product was useless. 

Matt identified the need for more input from users to shape the delivery of the products, in particular he quickly realised the positive benefits of military expertise supporting digital teams.

Matt also recognised that the traditional ways of working, were not always beneficial. So he threw himself into gaining qualifications and experience in Lean and Agile, and gained a passion for the Kanban method. He was fortunate to work with many people who helped cement his training with real life scenarios. 

This has all lead to MilUX as we see it today, offering a full range of support to defence on their digital transformation journey.

Our values

Humility: We are humble professionals, we work with quiet confidence, respecting others and always prepared for future challenges. 

Integrity: We are true and honest with ourselves, our teammates and everyone we work with. We lead by example and strive to do everything to the best of our ability. 

Courage: We do and say the right thing, not the easy thing.

Passion: We are passionate about what we do, we maintain perspective, celebrate successes and enjoy our work. 

Adventurous: We live for new challenges, confidently dealing with uncertainty through teamwork and collaboration. 

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