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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a major area of investment within Defence as the need to integrate all information from command and control, intelligence, sensors, effectors and platforms across domains, partners and allies is required to give the military user the competitive advantage on the battlefield. Recent conflicts have demonstrated that sluggish traditional delivery methods urgently need replacing. 

Technology continues to evolve at an exponential rate, and as it does military user expectations rise accordingly. Organisations that fail to meet these high expectations risk falling behind the competition, lacking the data and agility needed to identify and implement digital innovation.

The MilUX Way, people standing in front of dashbaord

Our approach - The MilUX Way

Focus: By focusing on the users and their needs we give you confidence to move into development knowing your solution is solving the right problems.

Flow: Through the application of Lean and Agile practices we work with you to create a system to continuously flow value to your customers.

Feedback: We help you establish feedback loops in your system to improve communication, identify areas for improvement, and leverage delivery data to support your decision making.

Learning: Through coaching and training we work with you to  grow an adaptive learning organisation so that you can be sure you are staying ahead of your competitors.

Overcoming resistance to change

Traditional change initiatives fail as they often force new roles, practices, structures, and ways of working on those involved in the change.

We use an evolutionary change approach to work with you and your organisation to deliver the outcomes you need whilst maintaining focus on the people.

Resistance to change